For diehard fans of the Idaho Falls Chukars, news can’t wait until tomorrow.

So that’s why the Post Register is launching a new blog dedicated to anything and everything related to Idaho Falls’ only professional sports team.

Readers can find the new blog at www.ChukarsExtra.com.

Nowhere else will you find the level of coverage ChukarsExtra.com has to offer. From breaking news to games results to features to photos to notebooks to inside analysis, ChukarsExtra.com offers fans a whole new level of access to the Chukars.

No longer do you have to wait until tomorrow to find out what happened today.

The website is an extension of the Chukars Extra page in Sunday’s paper. The page takes a lot of work and research during the week. So instead of saving it all for Sunday and watching one-third of it hit the cutting-room floor, you can read everything all week.

Loyal Post Register readers might remember our previous adventure into a Chukars blog, Chukars Corner. While that was a site free to everyone, ChukarsExtra.com is a part of postregister.com and requires a subscription and a password.

Subscribers to the print edition of the Post Register are eligible for a free password. All they have to do is call 542-6777 and request a password.

Once you get a password, you have full access to ChukarsExtra.com and the Post Register website, including our extra preps sports section, PRPreps.com. That will come in handy once football season rolls around.

For those who don’t take the paper, an online-only subscription is only $6 a month. You’ll spend that much with one trip to McDonald’s.

To make sure you don’t miss any fresh content, be sure to follow our fan page on Facebook. Just click “Like” and watch game updates and the latest on the Chukars roll into your personal news feed.

For those reluctant to pay for a subscription, that will give a preview of all that’s available on ChukarsExtra.com. We know it’s not popular to charge for news content online. But it’s our firm belief that the only sustainable business model is customers who are willing to pay for insightful, accurate and exclusive content that beats what any free site has to offer.

If you have any suggestions for the site — what works there will make its way to our preps site — please leave a comment on the site or the Facebook page, or email us at prsports@postregister .com.